Wedding Trend - Milk Bottle Vases

Friday, October, 31 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Need to save a buck or two in the wedding decoration area? Try using glass milk bottles as your centerpiece vases at your reception. You can also line these glass milk bottles up along your aisle to add some floral touches. The awesome thing about glass milk bottles is that you can do anything you want with them. You can add ribbon to the outside, fill them with sand, or add candles. Whatever the theme of your wedding this nifty glass milk bottle DIY project will probably fit into your style and budget!

Wedding Milk Bottle Vases

Photo courtesy of Traditional Flower

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Wedding Tip - Wedding Day Makeup How To's

Thursday, October, 30 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Want to know how to hide those unwanted blemishes? Dark circles? Or redness? We can help with these basic wedding day makeup how to's! For those unwanted blemishes, try hiding them with a pointed brush dipped into tacky concealer and tap over a pimple and tap with finger to blend. To diminish dark circles, smooth shadow-banishing highlighter onto inner corners of your eyes. Then use your finger to blend a thick cover up into the curve beneath your eye. Last but not least, to reduce redness, use licorice root extract on your skin, then press foundation over redness prone areas with a sponge. Hope these makeup how to's help you bride-to-be's!

wedding day makeup

Photo courtesy of Style With Anna

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Wedding Tip - Show Your Flowers, Not Your Stems

Wednesday, October, 29 2014   •   Florals   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Be careful! Hold your bouquet away from your dress, especially when youâ??re nervous and walking down the aisle. Not only is it better for photos to see the flowers verses the stems of the bouquet, but you also wonâ??t stain your dress with pollen.
Tip and photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Photobooth mustaches

Tuesday, October, 28 2014   •   Photography   •   by Dynamite Weddings

We all know how much fun a wedding phootobooth is! Probably the best thing about a wedding photobooth is that you get the picture right then and there for you to keep and put on your fridge when you get home.

One of my favorite ideas I have seen lately for a wedding photobooth is a fake mustache. There is not one generic mustache. There are actually many to pick from! You have your short mustache, your handle bars, and even a long twirly mustache! These pictures are especially funny when Grandma tries the mustache of her choice!

Try Profinish Design Photobooth for an amazing photobooth and great props!

Photo courtesy of The Lazy Bride

Profinish Design Photobooth is a Dynamite Weddings Expert

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Wedding Tip - See the Reception Venue Before Your Guests

Monday, October, 27 2014   •   Churches, Venues, & Officiants   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Ask your coordinator or site coordinator to let you view the reception before your guests enter. It is amazing to see all of your dreams and time devoted to the design of your wedding come to fruition. It will literally take your breath away, bring a tear, and give you goose bumps all at once.

Tip provided by Arcularius Events

Photo provided by Profinish Design

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Wedding Tip - groom's gift

Sunday, October, 26 2014   •   Gifts & Registry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Ok, so you know your hubby-to-be will get you a wedding gift, but what will you get him? Have you seen the Invicta watches? Wow! These to die for unique watches are a must have for any fashionable groom! Check out for all their unique watch designs - there are a lot to choose from! These watches are big and masculine, very attractive for that bigger built groom. Most importantly, don't forget to have it engraved with a special message on the back!

Invicta watch

Invicta watch

Photos courtesy of

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Wedding Trend - Parasols For Outdoor Ceremonies

Saturday, October, 25 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Guests appreciate you considering their comfort. For outdoor ceremonies a parasol can be a life saver. They are available in many colors, are great as photo props, and much less expensive than a tent!

Trend provided by Pfeiffer Event Planning
Photo courtesy of Sharpe Photographers

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Ignite the Flame - Recreate a Destination Date

Friday, October, 24 2014   •   Ignite the Flame   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Don't have the time or money to take a vacation?

Pick a place you and your husband would like to go and pretend to be there for the night. You can make the cuisine of your chosen destination, dress the part and even attempt the accent if necessary. Add a signature drink and be sure to enhance the mood with the proper festive music.

It's all about your night away, so be sure to put the phones on silent and deter any distractions. Making time for a night away will be relaxing and the fun in playing the part often brings a smile.


Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - on the go bridal kit

Thursday, October, 23 2014   •   Wedding Tips   •   by Dynamite Weddings

On your wedding day, make sure you or your maid of honor is carrying an on-the-go bridal kit! Here are a few items that are essential to your kit: sewing kit, stain-remover-Tide pen or Madame Paulettes', Singer Instant bond double-sided fabric tape, krazy clue, aspirin, breath mints, tissues, and touch up makeup. If you do not want to create one yourself, there are a number of ready-made versions available. You will find that on the day of your wedding, things can happen and it is better to be prepared. A bridal kit is a must have, so do not leave home without it!

bridal kit

Photo courtesy of

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Tip - Couture Travel

Wednesday, October, 22 2014   •   Honeymoons & Destination Weddings   •   by Dynamite Weddings

How is a bride to keep track of all her wedding day necessities? Where did I put my flat iron? Who has my shoes? Keep track of everything with these handy, designer bags found at Zazendi. Their affordable and too cute to pass up! That cute pink bag will stand out in the midst of all your stuff.Photos courtesy of

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