Tip - Consult A Coordinator

Monday, October, 20 2014   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

If you're not sure that a wedding coordinator is in your budget during this rough economy, we still suggest setting up consults with a few coordinators. You may realize that their insight could prove instrumental to making sure your day goes smoothly and consider reevaluating your budget to make room for them. Another good reason to set consults is because most coordinators are eager to help and may give you a few ideas or things to think of that never would've crossed your mind. While your budget may be forcing some budget decisions to be made later, establishing a relationship with a coordinator now could prove to be a real stress reliever later.

Contact our dynamite coordinators to set up consultation:

Arcularius Events
A Day to Remember
Pfeiffer Event Planning

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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Trend - Mixing Up the Registry

Sunday, October, 19 2014   •   Gifts & Registry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Many soon-to-bes know what they want, but the problem is that their wish list is from 12 different stores. Well, Wishpot.com is a new wedding registry site that lets you add your wish list of items to a single registry! Grandma Donna doesn't have to go searching through the world wide web for 3 different registry sites to find the right gift for you; it's all here. There are also sample registries from those popular wedding blogs that we love so much. Trend provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Bring Out The Family Time Piece

Saturday, October, 18 2014   •   Traditions & Customs   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Tell your soon-to-be to break out that family heirloom time piece he's been protecting. Your wedding is a great time to use it, share it with the family and snap a few memorable pics of it. If you look back, you may find a wedding day pic of the original family owner using it on his wedding day!Photo provided by Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Trend - Bring the Bling!

Friday, October, 17 2014   •   Accessories & Jewelry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

More sparkle! Crystals and teardrops (small glass beads) are popping up everywhere. Florists are including them within the bridal bouquet, scattered amongst rose petals on table surfaces, or even hanging from tall elaborate floral centerpieces. Add a touch of crystals to the wedding cake, and certainly include them in a barrette or clip for your hair. There is never too much â??bling.â??
Trend provided by A Day to Remember
Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - DIY Favors Wedding

Thursday, October, 16 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Sugar and Spice and...

I am a sucker for a great DIY project, but to have it look polished and pulled together is a real challenge. Twig & Thistle is a great etsy (one of my favorite addictions!) shop that has PDF files for purchase. All you have to do is print, cut and fold and you too will have this great favor.

DIY wedding projects

Photo courtesy of Twig & Thistle

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Wedding Tip - Trust Your Florist

Wednesday, October, 15 2014   •   Florals   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Tell your floral designer what colors you are thinking and show them a few pics and swatches, but then let them have some creative freedom to create some designs with flowers and elements that may surprise you. You've selected that florist because you like their style based on other designs you've seen, so trust them to wow you!

Photo provided by Allison Stahl
Floral design by Flourish

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Wedding Trend - Skin Exfolients

Tuesday, October, 14 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Microdermabrasion and peels have become very popular for the bride-to-be. These exfoliants can help transform your skin to a fresh, soft and even texture. It is recommended that brides have these treatments done at least one week before the wedding. This will ensure that your skin will not look irritated or redâ?¦just simply beautiful.
Trend and photo provided by J. Christiaan Salon & Spa

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wedding trend - unique chaircovers

Monday, October, 13 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

With so many crafty and creative minds coming up with unique styles for weddings, the innovation that designers come up with is always astounding. Check out these chaircovers, from one of our faves Wildflower Linens!

Photo courtesy of Stacie Tamaki,The Flirty Guide

unique wedding chaircovers

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Ask Marvin - Preferred Vendor Dilemma

Sunday, October, 12 2014   •   Ask Marvin   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Dear Marvin,
I have found a photographer that I would really like to shoot my wedding. The dilemma that I am facing now, is that the venue I've selected for our ceremony and reception is very strict on those vendors that it allows to shoot their facility. I can't imagine having another photographer shoot my wedding and I've already paid the deposit for the venue. What can I do?

Not A Perfect PictureDear Not A Perfect Picture,
The best thing to do is ask your venue if they would be willing to allow the photographer to shoot the venue because you have faith in their work. They may not be on the venue's preferred list only because they've never worked together. Some venue manager's may be willing to let the photographer shoot without issue, while others may require a "non-preferred vendor fee". If you really want that photographer, you may have to be willing to pay the fee.
You could face a venue manager that is not willing to allow an outside photographer onto the venue. If that's the case, be sure to interview those that are on their preferred list, giving them an equal opportunity to impress you. If you are absolutely sure that the first photographer is the only one you can work with, you may be forced to find another venue and lose your deposit.


Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Bridesmaids: Including the Sister-in-Law

Saturday, October, 11 2014   •   Bachelor, Bachelorette, & Bridal Parties   •   by Dynamite Weddings

You do not have to include your sister-in-law in your wedding party. This has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of time, but this definitely depends on the specific family and couple. In some families it is frowned upon if the groom's sister is not included, but these days people are more liberal and a conversation should be able to fix any dispute with this topic. Also run it by your hubby-to-be and see what he thinks. You may think you have a good grasp on his family, but your wedding is about both of you and it would be nice for him to help you with your decision.
The bottom line: There's no rule that his siblings have to be in the wedding party. But leaving them out might not be a good precedence to set.

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