Wedding tip - romantic honeymoons

Thursday, April, 24 2014   •   Honeymoons & Destination Weddings   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Are you looking for a romantic place to honeymoon? France or Italy will give you a honeymoon to remember! Europe is a romantic place because of the architectural buildings, landscape, vineyards, restaurants and much, much more. In Champagne, France, get your castle-hotel fix and stay at the Chateau de Fere, a restored 16th century gem with a 20,000 bottle cellar. A pure fairy-tale! Check their website out at and you won't believe how truly amazing this place is.

romantic honeymoon destinations

Perhaps you want a different kind of romantic experience? Try cruisin' along Southern France's canal. is a leading rental company that allows you to rent a boat with all the comforts of home for your entire nights stay! Take in views of vineyards, tree-lined canals, fields of sunflowers, and villages (where you may even get a tasty fresh croissant one morning). When you are ready to stop, it's an easy tie up on the dock, and you are free to stroll the area's local shops. Check for more info.

romantic honeymoon destinations

Don't forget another romantic European destination, Venice, the floating city. It doesn't get much more romantic than that! Experience the waterways of Venice, see the piazza San Marco, get a taste of true Venetian cuisine, take a tour of the Grand Canal and much more!

None of these will disappoint. They are all truly romantic places to be with your hubby to be!

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Wedding Tip - 5 essential pointers for planning

Wednesday, April, 23 2014   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Here are your five essential pointers for wedding planning:

1. Make a checklist - and check it twice! First add anything and everything that comes to mind on here then go back through and organize.

2. Plan a list of contact details - make sure you keep a list of vendors handy and make these appointments well beforehand to get who and what you want.

3. Produce a directory of your guests - this is essential to plan out early because you will be sending many invitations and thank you cards out!

4. Come up with a financial plan - this should be one of your first to do items. A budget really guides you to what kind of wedding you will be able to have.

5. Organize a timeline to use for your reception - having a schedule is essential especially with all the hustle and bustle of the reception. Who can blame you though, you just want to celebrate!

wedding planning checklist

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Trend - Hair Pins

Tuesday, April, 22 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

With your hair flowing you can add some bridal hair pins to glam up your wedding day hair.

Photo courtesy of USA Bride Weddings

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Wedding Trend - Outdoor Weddings

Monday, April, 21 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Outdoor wedding receptions are becoming more of a tradition, than a trend. When hosting an outdoor wedding reception, be sure to consider the elements. If there's a possibility that the weather could become too hot or cold, having a tent helps shield guests from the elements while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Photo provided by Celebrations! Elegant Party Rentals

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Wedding Trends - Hot Scents

Sunday, April, 20 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking for a new perfume? We found a few you will fall in love with!

Flora by Gucci has a smell of citrusy kumquat & spicy bergamont and roses.

Prada Infusion De Rose smells like wild roses, honey and clean mint.

Van Cleef & Arpels is a heady jasmine, incense and rich amber smell.

Michael Kors Gold has a tuberose smell, with sweet freesia, and musky tonka bean.

And our favorite one is Cartier Baiser Vole, which smells like a powdery lily, lush green leaves and vanilla.

Cartier Baiser Vole

They are all amazing and can be found at and Have fun finding one that's right for you!

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Wedding Trend - Sample Food Stations

Saturday, April, 19 2014   •   Catering & Beverages   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking to personalize their wedding receptions and break away from the traditional buffet, brides are enjoying the idea of sample stations. This trend can be interpreted for every bride and groom by incorporating their favorite drinks and delights.

Some of the more popular examples include wine and cheese stations with a professional sommelier to educate guests on the wines and pairings, bruschetta bars, pasta sauté stations, and signature cocktail bars featuring different varieties. The big hit this year is the champagne bar; pick your favorite bottles of bubbly and create custom drinks with mixers such as Chambord, Midori, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. Guests can join in on the fun by adding fresh fruits or garnishes to top off the cocktail!
However, our favorite trend is starting the honeymoon a bit early with a station dedicated to the location and cuisine of your honeymoon destination. From tropical Hawaiian treats to wintery wonderland soups, this is a special treat for your guests and a memorable way to personalize your wedding.

Trend provided by Capital City Catering
Photo courtesy of Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Trend - Convertible Wedding Dresses

Friday, April, 18 2014   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Have you always wanted to wear two wedding dresses? Why not have one traditional ball gown with a train for the wedding to make that vavavoom entrance and something a bit more simple for the reception that you won't be tripping all over? Well we once again have the answer for you! Try one of these new convertible dresses. A large number of designers have been trying convertible dresses where you can just take the bottom train portion off and your wedding gown has now turned into a cute wedding dress!

These convertible wedding dresses were made popular in the 50's to avoid one-time wear in tough economic times. Well this is round two of that theory! These are so convenient since shorter wedding dresses are very popular these days as well as traditional dresses.

Photo courtesy of Natural Home Magazine

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Wedding Tip - Inform Vendors of Necessary Details

Thursday, April, 17 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Be sure to inform vendors of any necessary details that could negatively impact the evening. If a guest or someone in the bridal party is allergic to a certain food, if there are relationship details that should not be brought to attention, if Uncle Paul has a tendency to overdo the drinks, maybe give the bartender a heads up.
Photo courtesy of Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Tip - Lovely Lashes on Your Wedding Day

Wednesday, April, 16 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

What kind of eye lashes do you want on your wedding day? If you are looking for a mascara to help create more curl, choose a mascara brush that is slightly bent. Also, a great trick is to use an eye lash curler but first heat it up with a blow dryer and use on the base of your eye lashes. You will have amazing curly lashes! Next, if you want fullness in your eye lashes use a mascara brush that has a fatter middle; this will put more product right where you need it. Lastly, if you are looking for separation in your lashes, use a mascara brush that is super skinny, this will allow for you to brush each individual lash, start from the base and brush up. Enjoy those gorgeous lashes!

eye lash curler

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Wedding Tip - Practice Makes Perfect

Tuesday, April, 15 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

If you're planning to do your own makeup on the day of, be sure to do a trial run and take a picture. You want to make sure that you are accentuating your favorite features and adding a little extra glow for those wedding day photos. Try a few different styles and consider things like smoky eyes, lash extensions/fake eye lashes, new lipstick, shimmer bronzer, brow defining pencil. Taking practice pictures will help you decide on what look you want for your pictures and also as a reference for the day of.Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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