Wedding Trend - Calming Turquoise Wedding colors

Sunday, September, 21 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Calming turquoise wedding colors will give you a feeling of a tranquil breezy island for your big day! This is a great color to add to a beach or outdoor wedding. Try combining turquoise with neutral colors or contrasting colors like red and orange.

You can use turquoise in many aspects of your wedding. Start with bridesmaids dresses or florals. You can easily add this color to your arrangements and centerpieces. However you add this color, it will have a calming effect on your guests.

Calming Turquoise Wedding colors

Photo courtesy of Aloha Island Weddings

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Wedding Trend - Customized Wedding Sneakers

Saturday, September, 20 2014   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Customized Wedding Sneakers

Want cute and comfy shoes for your wedding day? Try pair of customized wedding sneakers from Converse. This adorable concept is great for photos and to keep an everyday reminder of your wedding! Make sure to pick out a color you like or even match the colors of your wedding.

Here are a couple of sayings to try:
"Till death do us part"
"This I promise you"
"Mrs. "
"you + me ="

Whatever the saying or quote is, make sure it is personal and something that will remind you of that happy day, time and time again.

Customized Wedding Sneakers

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Trust Your Photographer

Friday, September, 19 2014   •   Photography   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Let Your Photographer Be THE Photographer - There is a saying that goes, â??You canâ??t be at the picnic, and photograph the picnic.â?? With the onslaught of digital photography, and the affordability of consumer grade cameraâ??s many more wedding guest are now packing their cameras along to your big day.

When preparing your family and friends for the big day, remind them that you want them to be present and actively participating in your wedding and that can be difficult for them if they are snapping photographs on their point and shoot cameras. Let them know that youâ??ve paid a good deal of money for your photographer and you trust them to capture the day.

When meeting with your photographer, make sure to discuss their exclusivity clause regarding other people taking pictures. Some photographers donâ??t mind other cameras, but there are particular times when flashes or what not can harm the shot your photographer has set up. Talk this over with them to avoid frustration and images not turning out.

Tip and photo provided by Sarah Maren Photography

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Wedding Tip - Choose the right lipstick for your wedding day

Thursday, September, 18 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

For your very first kiss as a married Misses, go with a pink lipstick! Pink is one of the joyous colors and it looks amazing with all skin tones. We did the research for you; here are a few tips for choosing the right shade of lipstick for you. For fair skin, choose cool colors. For medium skin, look to toasty, beige-tinged tones and warm pinks. For dark skin, choose caramel tones with deep rosy shades. For deep skin, choose cool tints in translucent formulas. The other great thing about choosing pink is it won't make a big mess out of your groom's face when you lay that first kiss on him. Who wants to be mindful of lipstick when the officiant says, "you may now kiss the bride!?!" We hope that will make it easier for you to pick the right shade on your special day!

Pink lipstick for your wedding day

Photo courtesy of The Drugstore Princess Blog

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wedding tip - wedding day look

Wednesday, September, 17 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

We know it's a challenge to find what wedding day hair best suits you on your most important day. That's why we wanted to share with you a website that will allow you to try hundreds of hair styles and color too! You can upload a photo or select one of their models that looks most like you. Plus you can share with family and friends to get their opinion of which one they like! Check out to get started.

wedding day look

Photo courtesy of

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Tip - Ornamental Gifts

Tuesday, September, 16 2014   •   Gifts & Registry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking for a unique gift to get the bride and groom to commemorate their special day? Personalized ornaments that have their wedding date they can enjoy year after year is a fine idea!

Photo courtesy of Just Wright Boutique

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Tip - Stay Dry

Monday, September, 15 2014   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Use powder on your body after showering and lotion to keep dry all day. You can also run some deodorant across the bottom of your feet to keep your feet dry and avoid shoes from slipping.

Tip provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Trend - Embellished Combs and Clips for your Wedding Hairdo

Sunday, September, 14 2014   •   Accessories & Jewelry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Embellished combs and clips are the cutest little accessories for your hair! If you are not the jewelry type of girl, this is a great way to add bling in a not so obvious way. Embellished combs and clips look gorgeous in loose curls or with your hair half up. They also are wonderful to use as pins to hold your hair up. Way to kill two birds with one "stone"!

Embellished combs and clips

Photo courtesy of Style Caster

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Wedding Tip - Check Out The Tie Bar

Saturday, September, 13 2014   •   Catering & Beverages   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Check out The Tie Bar for thousands of amazing styles and colors! They are 100% silk and all sell for $15 each (added cost for extra long ties)! They have skinny ties, bow ties, ascots, boys ties, and pocket squares. They also offer monogramming and personalization.

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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wedding tip - Rescue My Wedding

Friday, September, 12 2014   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

While no one wants to deal with the heartache of a natural disaster occurring on your wedding day, they do happen. Luckily, JoAnn & Frank Gregoli have started, a nonprofit site managed by coordinators that work together with a group of compassionate vendors that will work to make your wedding day a success without a big hit to your wedding day coin purse.

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

Wedding Day Disaster

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