Wedding tip - 20 things every bride needs to remember

Saturday, August, 30 2014   •   Wedding Tips   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Things you will want to remember before you get married and on the big day... Hanger for your wedding dress, reserved seating for immediate family, phone charger, wedding night bag, change last name, bring cash for tips, get a passport, write thank-you speech, assign someone to gifts, arrange transportation, designate someone to hold onto your dress, an emergency make up kit, eat dinner + cake, feed bridal party morning of, "just married" sign, give gifts to bridal party, bring cake cutter, something old/new/borrowed/blue, an itinerary, enjoy the day!

wedding day checklist

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Wedding Trends - vintage cufflinks: something old for him

Friday, August, 29 2014   •   Accessories & Jewelry   •   by Orange & Blossom

Is your guy a little bit retro, a little bit rock and roll? Consider vintage cufflinks for a gift he'll wear on your wedding day & happily ever after. There's such a wide variety! Have fun finding one that's just like him.

Maybe romantic...




Or nature/animal lover...

There's definitely a pair he can wear to keep your love on his wrist throughout your wedding day.

Photos courtesy of Orange & Blossom

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Wedding Tip - How to let guests know where you are registered

Thursday, August, 28 2014   •   Gifts & Registry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

The latest advice on this is to not include the sites in your paper invitation. It is considered uncouth and may make your guests feel that you expect an expensive gift. You can place this information with a link on your wedding website. Also, count on your maid of honor, best man and parents to pass these details on to guests who ask.

Wedding registry tips

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Wedding Trend - Wedding Cake with Lyrics

Wednesday, August, 27 2014   •   Cakes & Desserts   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Confused on what kind of wedding cake you want? Well try using a plain tiered wedding cake with minimal flowers and writing a quote or song lyrics around the tiers. For example Seal's lyrics for Wedding Day saying, "In my heart, a place. A most Special place. And it's all for you". This is short and sweet for cakes that keeps the cake less wordy. You don't want too many words because you want to make sure the cake is not too overbearing. Which lyrics will you use for your wedding cake?

wedding cake lyrics

Photo courtesy of The Knot

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Beautiful Cake!

Tuesday, August, 26 2014   •   Wedding Tidbits & Promos   •   by Dynamite Weddings

My favorite type of icing! Piped Buttercream! Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.

I heart cake. I do. Chocolate, vanilla, champagne. . .you name it, I LOVE it! So today when I was surfing the net and came across these very lovely creations on Martha Stewart I just had to share! Makes me want to have a party just so I can order one of these cakes!

The Damask Wedding Cake. Don't you just LOVE the colors!!

The Floating Cherry Blossom Cake. I am digging this new trend of chocolate icing cakes!

Delicate Dotted Petals. There is something simple, yet so elegant about this design.

Embossed Fondant. Notice the date on the front. Or you could put your monogram or names!

This one is very sweet. It is called the Love Letter Wedding cake. A love poem right there on your cake.

And last but not least. . .the Vows cake. Yet another way to honor what your special day is really all about!

And what would this post be without a picture of my very own cake from my very own wedding. :-)

I loved our cake. LOVED it. It was just what I wanted. Not too frilly but totally fit in with my romantic theme. EXCEPT it was supposed to be CHOCOLATE icing, not vanilla. But if that was my biggest problem I was thrilled!

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Wedding Trend - Wedding Photobooth Fun

Monday, August, 25 2014   •   Photography   •   by Pfeiffer Event Planning

Every time we have a photobooth at a wedding I'm reminded how much they rock! Last weekend at the TnT wedding there were people in it all night long. We ended up extending and keeping it going for 6 hours. You can get a double strip of color or black and white photos, one for the book and the other for the guests. The guests just can't get enough and the bride and groom will get some unforgettable photos of their guests having a blast! Thanks so much John from Profinish Design...the photobooth was a huge hit!

Trend provided by Pfeiffer Event Planning

Wedding Photobooth Fun

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Trend - Massages & Manscaping

Sunday, August, 24 2014   •   Hair, Makeup, & Beauty   •   by Dynamite Weddings

While all of the women are getting hair, nails (the works) And being ooohed and awwwed over, the guys are too often left to get themselves into wedding mode. Think about arranging for a guys spa day. Massages for your man and all of his â??menâ??. Cigars by the hotel pool, have their lunch delivered to them, a close shave, maybe even manicures (if they're up for it). Whatever you choose, remember to pamper him too.Trend provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of Sharpe Photographers

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Wedding Trend - Nosegays Not Corsages

Saturday, August, 23 2014   •   Florals   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Many brides are selecting small nosegays rather than the traditional corsage for their mother. Often the fabrics on the mother's dresses are fragile and the corsages can pull and even tear the dress. The nosegay is a very nice option to a corsage, the family still is honored and yet mom can put the bouquet down when it is time to eat and dance.

Trend and photo provided by Blooms by Martha Andrews

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Wedding Trend - Update On Traditional Music

Friday, August, 22 2014   •   Music & Entertainment   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Many older songs are making a comeback with a modern band's remake. Pick some songs from your past that are important to you or older traditional songs that you like and search for their remakes on the internet. You may like the originals better, but you never know what you'll find! An example would be Christina Aguilera's take on Etta James', At Last.

Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Addressing Invitations Etiquette

Thursday, August, 21 2014   •   Invitations & Stationary   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Addressing invitations to your guests may be a lot more complicated than it seems. There is definitely correct etiquette when addressing invitations that you want to follow. Make sure you create a master list of guests to avoid duplications. Make sure these names and titles are spelled correctly with the correct titles. Adult members over 18 years old should always receive separate invitations, but you can send one invitation to two siblings at the same address. Below are a few examples of addressing invitations:

Married Couple -
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
1234 Douglas Street
Sacramento, Ca 95816

Single Friend -
Mr. John Smith
1234 Douglas Street
Sacramento, Ca 95816

Photo provided by Stephanie J Designs

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