Wedding Tip - Cake. No Plate?

Thursday, February, 11 2016   •   Cakes & Desserts   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When performing the traditional cake cutting, the plate in which to place your sliced piece of cake turns up forgotten. Have your caterer place an extra small plate, two forks, and a napkin on the cake table before the event gets underway!
Tip provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Tip - Flower Girl Accessories

Wednesday, February, 10 2016   •   Accessories & Jewelry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When considering accessories for the ladies in your bridal party, don't forget your youngest ladies, the flower girl. Be sure to spoil her with some complementing accessories for her big flower girl debut. Visit Hip Chick Designs for great hair accessories for little and big girls alike.

Thanks for sharing Steph J!

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Wedding Tip - Fun Weekend Getaways in Southern California

Tuesday, February, 9 2016   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking for some fun weekend getaways with your hubby-to-be? Southern California is an excellent choice for a short getaway to relieve some of your planning stress. Check out the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino. These cool steel teepees, comfy beds and the fabulous pool all add up to a cool place to stay. Check them out at Wigwam

We also love the Madonna Inn in San Louis Obispo. This quaint hideaway has 110 uniquely themed rooms. The fun themed rooms range from "the love nest" to the "caveman" room. You can check out the Madonna Inn at Madonna

Have a happy getaway!!

So Cal Getaways

Southern Cal Getaways

Photos courtesy of Wigwam Motel and Madonna Inn

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Wedding trend - toasting glasses

Monday, February, 8 2016   •   Catering & Beverages   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking for something a little more for your toasting glasses than the usual champagne flutes? You will want these stemless champagne glasses. Not only are they more casual, but you can get more champagne in your glass! And we saved the best for last! They are only $12.99 for four glasses at! Wow! We love a great deal!!

casual champagne flutes

Photo courtesy of

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Wedding Tip - ways to save money

Sunday, February, 7 2016   •   Budgeting   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Most brides have a budget and need to make comprises. So if you are feeling like you are over capacity, consider downsizing or omitting a few unnecessary things. Some things your guests won't even notice you skipped out on! Here are a few things you can skip and still have an amazing wedding:

1. Programs - most weddings are pretty straightforward, your guests should be able to follow what comes next
2. Expensive wedding party gifts - even simple pictures of you and your bridesmaids framed is an awesome, personal gesture
3. Favors - Favors are generally left behind, so don't focus on them. Put the extra dinero into giving your friends and family a great time
4. Save the date invites - send out a save the date via evite, this will save you a ton!
5. A 2nd dress - you only get to wear your wedding dress once, so why change out of your dream dress? Skip shopping on a 2nd dress and save your money for your Honeymoon!!

Wedding budget tips

Photo courtesy of

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Tip - Plan For Heat

Saturday, February, 6 2016   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Most fall and winter brides (maybe even spring) have a "backup" plan for outdoor ceremony just in case of rain. But for those summer brides, how about a backup plan for the heat wave. Maybe it's taking the ceremony indoors or making sure your guests have plenty of water to keep them hydrated. Provide them fans to help them keep cool. Remember in those summer months the temps can reach dangerous levels.

Tip provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of Sharpe Photographers

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Wedding Tip - DIY toasting flutes

Friday, February, 5 2016   •   Catering & Beverages   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Everyone knows that the toast is an important part of the wedding reception. It's a time for those closest to the couple to express their feelings and let the rest of the guests know just how special the couple is. The Best Man/Maid of Honor, the parents, or anyone else who is special to the couple can give a speech. If you are registering for stemware, be sure to pick out some champagne flutes for your day and you can easily give them a make over! You can add an organza bow and hot glue some rhinestones or gems to the center of the bow to dress it up. Check out Michaels for color choices, ribbon by the yard, and rhinestones or gems to use.

DIY toasting flutes

Photo courtesy of

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Wedding Trend - LOVING Fall Dessert Colors!

Thursday, February, 4 2016   •   Cakes & Desserts   •   by Sugar and Spice and...

I know it's only August, but we're gearing up for Fall at the kitchen, so I'm thinking in orange, yellow and brown. This cake is a great example of mixing lots of flowers with chocolate butterflies. This design (with or without the butterflies) would be equally beautiful with shades of red, pink, purple or green.

This cake is also a great example of starting with a simple cake and then going crazy with flowers.

Trend, cake and photo by Sugar and Spice and...

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Trend - Boldly Bridal

Wednesday, February, 3 2016   •   Accessories & Jewelry   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Add some flare to your bridal attire by bypassing the traditional diamonds and pearls and bursting with some colors brought by sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Photo courtesy of Angara

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Trend - Best Wishes On Display

Tuesday, February, 2 2016   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Couples are trying to find new and exciting ideas for ways their guests can leave them well wishes. For winter weddings, consider asking your guests to use metallic pens to write their well wishes on colorful glass ornaments that can adorn your tree year after year!

Photo courtesy of Project Wedding, Heather & Matthew's Real Wedding

Photo taken by Andrea Winchenbaugh Photography

* Heather & Matthew chose to have their 115 guests sign the ornaments in lieu of a guestbook and decided not to read the well wishes until they decorated their tree on Christmas.

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