Wedding Tip - Bridesmaids' Gifts Under $20

Thursday, December, 18 2014   •   Wedding Party   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Trying to find the right bridesmaids gift is not always easy especially if you are trying to keep things reasonably priced at under $20. That's why we did the work for you! We found a few things we think your girls will love!

First, is the silk jewelry roll. These are great for travel or even to store jewelry at home. They come in lots of colors, so you can coordinate with your theme or each bridesmaid's favorite color. Best part, they are under 15 bucks!

We also love the silver plated nesting bowls. You can personalize this gift by having them engraved with your bridesmaids first name. These little lovelies are only $20.

Every girl will love a mirrored heart compact in their purse. This too can be personalized by engraving their name on the cover for under $20. Pick one you like or coordinate them to your bridesmaids' liking and you can cross one more thing off that wedding to do list!

jewelery roll

silver nesting bowls

mirrired heart compact

Photo courtesy of, Pottery Barn and
Limoges Jewelry

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Trend - Ambient Lighting

Wednesday, December, 17 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Chandeliers and/or creative lighting can turn your reception room from bleak to chic!Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists
Venue: Tsakopoulos Library Galleria
Floral designs by: Blooms by Martha Andrews

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Wedding trend - Short trains and veils

Tuesday, December, 16 2014   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

This season we have been seeing shorter trains and veils at warmer weddings. Light weight fabrics, like organza, lace, tulle and chiffon, make perfect wraps for the Spring or Summer in warmer climates. These fabrics reduce sun exposure and keep the bride from being burned on her big day. Brides in colder climates have chosen to wear wraps of faux-fur, velvet, heavy satin, or pashmina to keep themselves cozy and warm on their day!

trains veils

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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Tip - Keep An Open Mind

Monday, December, 15 2014   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When starting to try bridal dresses, it's a good idea to have images of gowns that you like from magazines, photos, etc. Also try to keep an open mind and try on at least a few gowns that differ from your assumed style. You may be surprised with how much you like the dress or at least find new elements about the gown that you are attracted to (sweetheart neckline, fabric color, lace, beading, train length, etc.).

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Tip - Consult Your Bridesmaids

Sunday, December, 14 2014   •   Wedding Party   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When deciding on bridesmaid dresses, be sure to consider everyone's shape, level of comfort as well as ceremony location. Are your brides top heavy? Are you getting married in a church? Would a fitted satin dress be form flattering on all your maids? Will anyone be pregnant? Does anyone have tattoos you don't want visible?
You will never be able to please everyone and everyone's styles could be different, but it's still important to consider the above questions when choosing their dresses.

Photo provided by The Memory Journalists

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Tip - Bridal Party Be Aware

Saturday, December, 13 2014   •   Wedding Party   •   by Dynamite Weddings

As a member of the bridal party, keep in mind that although you're not the one reading your vows, you're in view of the photographer and guests. While one photographer may be capturing shots of the bride and groom, a secondary photographer may be capturing bridal party and guest reactions. Don't be caught with a frown, yawning or adjusting at the alter. Always be smiling or at least cognizant of your appearance.Tip provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Trend - Serve Mini Wedding Cakes

Friday, December, 12 2014   •   Cakes & Desserts   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Treat your guest to something special...give them each a mini wedding cake. Mini wedding cakes look so impressive as wedding table decorations. Miniature wedding cakes can be individually packaged in a clear box or served as wedding dessert at the wedding reception. If you're not concerned about cost, you can have your miniature wedding cakes made to look like a miniature version of your actual wedding cake. Your miniature cake favors or reception dessert will be the talk of the party.

Serve Mini Wedding Cakes

Photo courtesy of

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Wedding Trend - Ceremony Petals

Thursday, December, 11 2014   •   Florals   •   by Dynamite Weddings

If you're considering rose petals to line the aisle of your ceremony, give consideration to faux petals. They won't stain your dress or a floor runner, will be less expensive and reusable. You could also use fake petals for guests to throw as you make your way back down the aisle as husband and wife.

Photo provided by Sharpe Photographers

Wedding Ceremony Petals

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Tip - Recommendations Help

Wednesday, December, 10 2014   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

If you know people that have recently got married get a list from each of them of all the vendors, websites and books they used. You can compile this list, see if any of the recommendations overlap and it may help you cut down on research time!
Tip provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Trend - diamond wedding candles

Tuesday, December, 9 2014   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Orange & Blossom

These awesome candles give a whole new meaning to bling. You can scatter them on tables, float them in wedding centerpieces, or create "thousand-dollar cocktails" for bachelorette party decor. They're just as fun without a flame. We can't stop finding new uses for these chunky, sparkling gel candles in Big Rock and Small & Sparkling sizes.

diamond wedding candles

Fill martini glasses with water, add a candle, line them up along the bar at your reception. Spectacular!

They are fabulous at bridal showers, too. Try them in Tiffany-blue water with floating white blooms. They are glamorous easily transform your decor into a stunning masterpiece. Available at Orange and Blossom.

Trend and photos provided by Orange and Blossom.

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