Trend - Pipe & Drape

Friday, May, 29 2015   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Although pipe and drape has been a trend for some time, designers are finding new fabric designs and new ways that they can drape. Taking sections of fabric and staggering draping across the ceiling in the wedding colors adds a complementary element.

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Wedding Trend - Bring Your Favorite Vintage Prints To Your Walls

Thursday, May, 28 2015   •   Photography   •   by Dynamite Weddings

The Conde Nast Store has unique vintage prints available for purchase to grace the walls of your new home as a couple. You can choose from thousands of exclusive images from Vogue, Gourmet or Vanity Fair.

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wedding tip - national landmarks as wedding locations

Wednesday, May, 27 2015   •   Churches, Venues, & Officiants   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Looking for a fabulous place to say your nuptials? Have you checked out the Cliff House in the Bay area? All we can say is amazing!

The Cliff House, a national landmark, is known for its great food and amazing ocean views. The famous Cliff House has been around for over a hundred years. They have rebuilt from the ground three times due to fires and once to restore it back to its original state. This historical place has had presidents like Roosevelt and McKinley stay as well as other famous people. It is a stunning location to have your nuptials on the beach or perhaps just throw your reception party here. Check out their website for more info at

the Cliff House

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Wedding Tip - Bridal Shower Etiquette

Tuesday, May, 26 2015   •   Etiquette   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Bridal Showers have become more elaborate over the years by incorporating cocktail hours, unbelievable decorations, and large guest-lists. Whatever the case is, the etiquette is always the same. Make sure to send out invitations six weeks to a month in advance so that the host has enough time to get RSVPs and plan accordingly. Also if you are having a small destination wedding and not a lot of guests can make it, you can invite them to the bridal shower. Although they cannot make it to the wedding, they might love to be part of this event. Lastly, make sure the host is greeting guests and being a great host, you want to be able to feel her presence as a good host.

bridal shower etiquitte

Photo courtesy of Tres Sugar

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wedding tip - consider rentals

Monday, May, 25 2015   •   Churches, Venues, & Officiants   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When talking with your potential venue ask what items will be included in your site fee vs. rental items that will need to be brought in. Some items to consider renting and discussing with your venue, caterer and or coordinator:

lighting (lanterns, etc.)
portable bar
chair upgrades/covers
linens (table cloths, napkins, overlays) - some venues only offer 1-2 color options
chargers, colored dinnerware
chafing dishes
glassware/flatware upgrades
cake stand
extra trash cans
portable restrooms

Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Ignite the Flame - Incorporate Date Night!

Sunday, May, 24 2015   •   Traditions & Customs   •   by Dynamite Weddings

We love to ask couples we know how they keep things going strong years after their nuptials. Recently we've been hearing a lot of couples have incorporated "Date Night" into their schedules. This is one night a week where they spend time together away from the hassles of home, the kids, the pets, what have you and just share time with each other. For couples with kids this is especially important and parents should try to keep the conversation on each other even though the kids are often their favorite subject. It's not that talking about your kids is a bad thing, it's just sometimes we forget that our spouse is not just a mom but also a woman and so goes for dads. Couples who work together or own a business together should refrain from talking shop on Date Night. The most important thing is you have to stick to it. Pick a day of the week and that is Date Night, no matter what else comes up (within reason), sneak away for at least an hour for some husband and wife time. If all else fails, take a nice, long walk together.

Wedding Date Night

Photo Provided by The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Think outside the box for your Guest book

Saturday, May, 23 2015   •   Invitations & Stationary   •   by A Day to Remember

Are you into surfing? Wine? How about guitar playing? The traditional Guest Book need not be an ordinary book with white paper and lines. Consider personalizing your "book" and have your guests sign something that will be a true keepsake for your home.

Tip provided by A Day to Remember Wedding Consultants
Photo courtesy of Asa Mathat Photography

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Wedding Crashers, Really!??!!

Friday, May, 22 2015   •   Wedding Tales & Stories   •   by Dynamite Weddings

We've probably all seen the movie and I honestly didn't think it was going to happen at our event, but sure enough, it did and I didn't even notice.

I heard all about this the next day, which is exactly the way it should have been.

Apparently my MIL and SIL noticed two guys who just didn't appear to fit into the guests. My MIL mentioned it to her brother who agreed and then she when to my FIL. My FIL and uncle in law converged on the two at the same time. They struck up a conversation and asked they guys if they were on the bride's side or the groom's side. Poor guys. They answered groom's side. "Wrong answer!" Their very full wine glasses (they had served themselves from the server's wine station) were removed from their hands and they were told to either leave peacefully or they would be escorted not-so-peacefully. (You just HAVE to love those career military guys for getting the situation under control!) The turkeys left and that was the end of it.

It could have been so much worse. My recommendation would be to discuss this possibility with your families. Your respective moms and dads know your families and your friends. Talk to them about discreet ways to deal with the situation so that if it does happen everyone will be prepared.

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Wedding Trend - Family Style Dinner

Thursday, May, 21 2015   •   Catering & Beverages   •   by Dynamite Weddings

So youâ??re torn. You donâ??t want a buffet, but canâ??t afford a sit down dinner. What other options are there? Well an up and coming new trend is â??family styleâ??-large platters of food placed on the table for passing around. Family style dishes allow your guests to help themselves to more without having to leave the table. It also exudes a more casual feel which will allow people to relax and mingle at the table.

Trend provided Quarry Ponds
Photo courtesy Sharpe Photographers

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Wedding Trend - Mini Wedding dresses

Wednesday, May, 20 2015   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Short and chic dresses are huge right now, especially for brides with great legs! These high fashion hemlines range from asymmetrical cuts with fringed or lace overlays to bubble dresses. Short wedding dresses are fun so make sure you have a good time with it and that this dress represents your personality and style!

One huge thing to take into consideration is the gorgeous shoe you will wear with your stylish little dress. The shoe will be showcased so make sure it is absolute perfection!

Photo courtesy of Lela Rose

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